Here at LifeTouch, if you have ever talked with any one of our staff for more than five minutes, the theme of our conversation with you will probably have something to do with finding joy, or being joyful. This is the crutch with which we lean on, and at the core of our ministry you will find joy. We believe that joy and happiness are two different things. Joy comes from the deep, personal belonging that you receive when Jesus is your Savior. Happiness can be a result earthly things, but doesn’t usually come from deep within.

I learned from a sermon I heard awhile ago that in Psalm 92 it says that “the righteous will flourish like a palm tree.” I always thought it interesting that this verse talks about a palm tree. But did you know that the palm tree is the only type of tree in the entire world that gets more and more fruitful until the day it dies? God intends for us to have joy, to seek it, and to live it. Joy is something that overflows when you know God and seek Him. It is something that is intended to flourish more and more within us, and as it cultivates, it is easier to find that joy.

If you are having some problems finding joy, do not worry because you are not alone. It does not mean that you don’t know God personally, or that you are a bad person. It just means that sometimes life has gotten to us, and that we need a fresh start, and a gentle reminder. Here are four steps to take to help you.

1. Start today! Finding joy doesn’t have to take days, weeks, months or years! You can start seeking joy right now.

2. Celebrate- Strategically find time to gather with friends, family, or loved ones and celebrate something! A birthday, a holiday, or just that you are alive and that Jesus loves you! Gather around people and play games, laugh, eat some food, and rejoice together.

3. Pray- Alot- Give it to the Lord and ask him to refresh you. He will. 🙂

4. Find a joy mentor. Do you know of a person who just gives you life? They just make you feel comfortable and alive? Sometimes people like that are the best people to spend time with, and they will help you return to joy by just filling you up with their joyfullness. If you don’t have that person, pray for one, because our God is a joyful God, and will help you find that person.

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