A View From Above

On a cloudy and windy Sunday afternoon, I was treated to a fun outing with my son. He recently secured his pilot’s license, so off we went into the wild blue yonder. Our plan was to fly from Warsaw to Nappanee, so I could climb out, slowly at best, and let my dad take a ride with our new pilot. This was a new experience for me, so I wasn’t sure if I would be nervous or not. As it turned out, I did not have one nervous moment. I guess I have no problem with putting my life into my son’s hands-complete trust! He did a great job even though the wind gusts presented some challenges for our landings.

Life has been difficult lately and most mornings I would wake up early churning all of life’s perplexities over and over in my mind, much like the prop of our plane churning through the air. The next morning after the flight, I woke up but my mind was not filled with anxiety and wonderment as to what my future would hold. My mind was still soaring, as if playing a video over and over, from our flight. I could still feel that “lighter than air” feeling as if we were birds of flight soaring over the earth at 3,000 feet. I could still see farmer’s fields patch-worked over the earth. I could still envision flying over the many lakes that dot our county. I could still see roads with very small “matchbox” size cars and trucks traveling up and down those arteries to their various destinations. What a wonderful substitute from other mornings.

After still thinking about this for several days, the spiritual analysis struck me.

If I think my view from the sky was wonderful, just think how much more grander is God’s perspective from his throne in heaven! What perspective do I have if I am in a boat on the lake versus looking at the entire lake from above? What perspective do I have if I am driving on a highway versus looking at the entire roadway for miles and miles from above? Shouldn’t my goal be as I am traveling down life’s uncertain pathways to soar above the white caps or potholes of life and gain God’s perspective? Wouldn’t life’s trials become less burdensome if I could just learn to have patience and strive for God’s higher perspective? The waves and rough spots are seemingly decreasing in my life now, but I am still trying to retain my view from the window of my son’s plane from 3,000 feet above ground!

Jeff France


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