Last night, during my weekly Bible study with some close friends, we talked about faith. Faith is such a simple word, with such a deep meaning. But it’s the foundation of our belief as Christians. We believe by faith, not by sight, and not through good works.

I began to think about how to deepen my faith with the Lord, and what that means. As Americans, and as humans, we live in such a fast paced world. We expect results instantaneously in almost every area of our life. Seriously, think about it! We have food that is ready in minutes, weight loss programs that promise results in weeks, airplanes, fast cars, cell phones, email, printers… The list can go on.

But let’s take a step back into Bible times. People communicated with each other by walking to each other’s homes, and by traveling for days on end. People waited for the Holy Spirit to guide them, or for a sign. They truly had patience, or had to learn to have patience.

My point is, sometimes God does not answer us instantaneously, as we are used to. I believe He builds our faith in Him, by making us wait patiently sometimes for an answer or a result. But it is always the best timing when it is His timing isn’t it? And in the end, it always turns out better than we could have ever made the result be. Even if the result is different than we expected.

Lets remember that the God that we bow down to, and serve can see from the past, help us in our present, and guide our future’s. He wants to give us an answer that best helps us. Let’s learn to broaden our faith by being patient, even though that is hard sometimes. The result will never fail you when it comes for the Lord. I promise.


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