Not very long ago, my Grandma and I were chatting about spring and how excited we were for it to come! She asked me if I was going to plant a garden this summer to grow fresh vegetables, and both mine and my husbands response was “no”, because of all the animals we have around our area that like to steal the produce.

A good friend of ours was sitting close by and said that one of her neighbors had a garden, but that they had to eventually put up a 12 foot fence around it to keep all of the wildlife out. But you know what? Eventually, a rabbit ended up digging its way underneath of the fenced in garden and had itself a little feast!

Isn’t that so much like us humans? We build fences around things that are valuable to us, and we think we are so clever and sneaky. But just as soon as we know it, our Lord shows us that He has dug right through our “trap,” and that in the end we weren’t in control to begin with! Oh that we would just learn to not build a fence in the first place, and that we would give our Lord more room than to have to dig a hole at the bottom.


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