Flee the Scene

The other day I was flipping through the channels on T.V., and I came across an old favorite show of mine, “Full House.” I used to love this show. As in, I couldn’t miss an episode. I’m sure you all have had “that show” that you couldn’t miss. Well, it seems that a common theme in each “Full House” episode is that one of the girls gets into trouble, storms off, and then (cue the music) there is a dramatic resolve in the end and you are left feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. But wait a minute. How did those girls get away with rudely storming off and running away in each episode?

I remember trying that once (okay maybe twice) when I was a little girl. I felt disgruntled at something my parents had said to me and I ran off dramatically, just like I saw in that show. And let me tell you, the feeling at the end was not warm and fuzzy. My parents knew better than to let me get away with that. But if Michelle Tanner could get away with it every time, why couldn’t I?

I think we have a natural instinct to flee the scene when we feel troubled, upset, sad, or angry. Especially with God it seems. We believe that we can actually go somewhere where God is not present. As if we can hide from Him, and Him not notice. At our very core, we believe that we have nothing to offer, and that we are not worthy of God’s love, or anyone else’s love for that matter and so we take our exit.

But my friends, God does in fact run with us. He hides with us. He cries, screams, laughs, and stomps with us. We are so dear to him, that even when we don’t feel any pain, He feels for us. And He is our logic too. Our God is so many things, we will never understand them all this side of heaven. But He surely desires to “run away” with us and He will bring about an ending that we could have never expected.


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