From High to High…

Did you ever get to experience the exciting days of your youth at summer camp? Bonfires, Bible stories, singing the same songs all week, meeting other kids your age from other churches, sleeping in cabins (or not sleeping), and eating awesome cafeteria food? Do you remember the amazing “high” you felt spiritually when you were there, and when you left there for the next few weeks?

As young people, that high probably wore off after a while, and life returned to normal shortly after that. You experienced being on the mountain top with God, and then leveling back out to reality. Well I know that is what I experienced. It seemed as if, even though I was very young, I went from summer camp to summer camp, and high to high. It’s great when you experience it, but after a while, and the older you become, it’s expected that the high will wear off.

This, my friends, is not what it has to be like with Christ. God desires for us to go from mountain top to mountain top. There doesn’t have to be a slope. Now, don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean that we won’t experience trials, and hard times. But that also doesn’t mean that you have to expect that your passion and “high” that you experience has to fade either. Set a higher standard for yourself, and expect that God WILL honor that within you! He WANTS to draw you nearer to Him, every minute of every day. He WANTS to lavish His love on you. Don’t let yourself get caught in thinking that the “high” will naturally wear off. God desires to help you leap from mountain top to mountain top.


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