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Giving to God

In biblical Israel there were different kinds of offerings. Besides five main offerings – burnt, grain, fellowship, sin, and guilt – Israel was to give specific offerings, including the trespass, peace, fellowship, freewill, wave, heave, thank, consecration, dedication and memorial offerings as well as offerings for the poor.  Similarly, we bring different offerings to the Lord and each kind of offering is significant to our worship and response to Him.

Our desire to give to the Lord is not religious duty. It originates instead in the heart, in response to His love. Giving expresses honor for Him in a specific way, not legalistically or religiously, but a genuine spiritual expression of what we believe about how the Lord first gives to us because He loves us, and our giving to Him in response. And with the same measure of heart that we communicate with Him through our giving, the Lord directs men and circumstances favorably on our behalf. The circle of God’s love is a circle of giving.

Make a decisive heart commitment, starting now and going forward, concerning your money and all you plan to do with it, to ask God and listen to what He tells you. Your giving is between you and your Lord, a higher spiritual expression than mere record keeping or for the impression given. The privilege of giving is God’s idea — holy and special and completely beyond anything we could imagine.

Give and it shall be given to you.


Darla France

About Darla

Darla is the Director of Counseling & Teaching at LifeTouch Ministries and has been a national and international speaker in churches, school, and business groups for more than 20 years. She is a dynamic teacher and incorporates fun as well as in-depth training in each presentation.

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