Let’s face it, the world can be a fracturing place. Each of us is touched to some degree by the evil on this planet. Yet within each one of us is a God-given drive to withstand the assaults of the world, others, and even ourselves. We are wired by our Creator to become the persons we were intended to be. We are created with minds that automatically seek to be free and whole.

Part of what we seek when we want repair for the wounds that life stabs at us is JOY. If there is one thing about JOY it is that it is RELATIONAL. It comes through being in a relationship with God and it is a contagious experience that results in having relationships with others.

Joy is produced when someone is “glad-to-be-with-me,” which stirs up joy within us. Then our joy is returned and the giver’s joy is increased as well. This experience goes back-and-forth at amazing rates (actually,six cycles per second) in a non-verbal face-to-face exchange.

Who are those special people who put the “sparkle in your eyes?” You know, that person that walks into a room and it makes you smile? Just because they exist…

For me, It is my husband, my kids (daughter/son and daughter-in-law)and members of my extended family and friends.(also my dogs and grand-dog) Those are the relationships that have the most profound and joyful effect on me.
Just so you’ll know, YOU bring that to someone’s life. You may not know it, but I’ll bet there is someone who feels it when you come around. YOU and I bring that sparkle to God’s eyes as well. He is glad-as-glad-get” to be with you. YOU bring a smile to His face and it is just because you exist.


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