Hidden Ones

Don’t you just love those folks who, though possessing tons of ability and natural savvy to move with the influential crowd, still maintain humility and minister kindness in places where the Lord sends them? They are national treasures—often hidden initially but ordained to arrive right on time, strategically and with purpose.

It has been said the Lord has hidden ones—those destined like Esther and Joseph. Their impact gives us hope and their example teaches us to step up to the plate and not back down . . . to do everything we know as best we can with passion.

Today I had the honor of communicating with one of the hidden ones of God. He is the head bishop of the persecuted church in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. It is a place where 99% of the population is Muslim and they worship secretly.  These hidden  churches are burned to the ground, they have acid thrown in their faces, they sometimes have fingers cut off because they worship our God. These people are those who suffer for the name of Christ. It is my joy to encourage them in small ways at times, and let them know they are not forgotten.

We are appointed by the Lord to be His principled ones. Preserved for this time, you and I are at a crossroads of preparation and purity. This is our greatest time—we have what it takes to do the work and have a heart to build. The hidden ones are meeting each other now. Please pray for the persecuted churches in Tanzania.



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