How to Define Kindness

I recently saw a short segment on a Sunday morning news show (as I was waiting to go to church) that really moved me. The true story goes as follows. There was an elderly couple that had gone months without being able to make their car payments on their 1998 Buick Century. The gentlemen had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, so to say their lives had been turned upside down is an understatement.  As a result, the bank had to enlist the services of a repo-man to go pick up their car. The older couple was aware that this would happen and the lady said she just prayed that God would take care of them.  As you might guess, the job of a repo-man is not for the faint at heart. The repo-man was interviewed and he stated that he had been shot at and threatened more than once when he was on the scene to load up a car to haul away.

However, this older couple was understanding and kind to this gentleman. They comprehended that he was just doing his job.

So, the repo-man loaded up their car and off he went. He said he only went a few blocks then pulled over. He said this couple reminded him so much of his grandparents that he couldn’t go through with his assignment.  On the spot, he called the bank and inquired how much the couple owed or how much they were behind in their payments. He was given that amount and he paid it off himself! He also opened a “Go Fund Me” account to help these people.  A very emotional segment was filmed showing the repo-man unloading their car, plus giving them the great news that all the back payments had been made and they could keep their car! If that weren’t enough, he also handed them a check from the money that had been raised from the “Go Fund Me” account in the amount of $13,000.00!!

The person that had produced and narrated this segment went on to summarize the piece as follows. What he said was a wonderful statement for life. He said “No matter what we do in life, kindness is never a requirement, but it is always an option!” What would our world be like if everyone followed this advice?

In our everyday interactions with family members, the strangers we meet, the clerk in the store (the list goes on and on), remember that “Kindness is never a requirement, but it is always an option!” Here is to a kinder new year!

Jeff France

Executive Director

Jeff France

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