Instant Message From God

I was just recently reading through a devotional book of mine, and the chapter was all about text messaging, and instant messaging. The author talks about how these days, everything has an abbreviation it seems! Especially on the internet or through text messages. For example, one of her friends wrote in an instant message “OTOH.” She then stopped the conversation to ask what that meant, and it means “on the other hand.” There are many more examples of common words and phrases that we make short and sweet to save typing and time.

Sometimes life feels like a big puzzle piece, and we are left deciphering and UN-mixing it all. But God does not talk in abbreviations to us. He does not try to scramble our minds, or confuse us. He wants to provide peace and understanding about what He is saying. Although sometimes it is confusing about what He is really trying to tell us, the more we read His Word, the more we will speak God’s language. And the clearer His intentions will become. God does not need a cell phone or the internet to get our attention. He needs our open hearts and minds.


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