Kingdom building requires a lot of heart—it takes integrity. Awareness of the connection between the Lord’s leading and the individual’s vital contribution is a major part of the believer’s integrity and is the heart of the discipleship message. That message is the purpose of our ministry at LifeTouch Ministries and Counseling. The goal here is to make disciples and produce lifestyle Christianity.

Hearing from the Lord, the human heart is optimized to invest in others; genuine caring is a premium part of the investment and the gift inside uniquely supplies God’s strength to those on the receiving end. As lives are impacted, the one giving of themselves is partner with the Lord in building the Kingdom in those lives. The connection is vital.

My prayer for you is to be on the receiving end of those vital connections and the integrity they represent. I pray the gift inside you will flourish, increase, receive strength, enlarge your tent, make a way where there isn’t one, stretch, forget convenience, risk something valuable, burn bridges, find your right place, and finish well!



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