Personal Integrity

We need the right people — with the right skill, right revelation, right timing, with hearts that are motivated by the right reasons. If just one is missing  the result isn’t the same; so we make it a matter of personal integrity to do our part—to be in the right place, with right words, at the right time, for the right reasons. 

Moses, a man who began as destiny’s child, surviving croc-infested waters in a basket of reeds, met the Lord at a bush that burned but not consumed and ultimately stood before a nation as deliverer. With God’s rod of authority he confronted pagan Egypt and its Pharaoh and gained permission for those enslaved under Pharaoh to go – to meet their God to worship in the place the Lord would choose.

No matter where you are at this moment and despite anything going on around you – regardless of details that don’t line up with what you envisioned – remember your inheritance of spiritual backbone from forerunners in the faith like Moses. Take your rod of God’s power in hand and, before the Lord, with integrity, say yes to His leading. You won’t have every detail beforehand but when you arrive, you’ll know what to do and will have everything you need.


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