Press The Panic Button

Recently, I surpassed my own expectations of how “out of it” I can get sometimes. I hope SOMEONE will please tell me they can relate

I had spent far too long at my local shopping center and was rolling my cart to my van to load up and go home. I was quite pleased with myself because when I arrived, I had taken care to look at the exact number of the parking aisle in the large lot I had parked. As well, I had mentally pegged a landmark across the parking lot just to assure a speedy recovery of my vehicle when finished shopping. Aisle #9, across from the card shop.

However….experience wrecks a good theory. Tired and “done”with shopping, I had roamed up and down aisle #9 across from the card shop looking and looking for my van. How could I have been wrong about this? Exasperated, I leaned against a vehicle in the lot ( the owner was not in it) and decided to just calm myself for a moment and say a quick request to God and ask Him about where my van was parked. Believing He sees everything, I was hoping for some perspective.

Almost instantly and idea came to mind….”Push the panic button on my key fob!” Of course! I’ll push the button and the horn will go off and it will be very clear to me where I’m parked. So I did it.
The noise of the intermittent blaring of the horn was both irritating and deafening.

I startled and jumped up quickly to turn and find that it was my OWN van I was leaning against for that moment to gather my thoughts.
There’s an old saying that says, “If I should return in the presence of my absence, don’t tell anyone I went out to look for myself.”
Perhaps what you and I are so desperately looking for today is right in front of us, or maybe beside us? Maybe we are already leaning on it. I hope that you find whatever you are looking for today.


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