Raising Friends

Recently I read a statement about fundraising. “Fund-raising is not raising money; it is raising friends. By our actions, we earn from people the trust that the money they give will be wisely used to carry out a mission they support.” Tony Poderis

No matter what an organization’s good works, it must prove to those who support it the value of those works to the community and the efficiency with which the organization delivers them. That being said, we want to help you understand our mission better and be very specific about our needs. Please visit our web site at www.lifetouchmin.org to find more about this as you consider giving . You will also find links to friends we want to thank for the great support they have given over the last 12 years. For those of you, who prefer the shorter version; let me tell you of the two most present needs we are facing.

1. Utilities. Thanks to our friends at Silveus Insurance( www.cropins.net) we have been given the amount needed to rent a space for the last two years. Due to the growth in clients, and adding another counselor, we need more space to work from. Our friends at Spanish World Mission

2. (www.spanishworld.org) have agreed to share their building with us. Silveus Insurance is once again donating the cost of our rent. However, our utilities will be about $400 a month in the new location. We do not have this sum over and above salaries and operational expenses each month to pay this. If you would be willing to send a monthly amount or a onetime gift to help us in this endeavor, we would greatly appreciate it.

3. Shadow of His Wings. Many of you are aware that we make a semi-yearly trip to Guatemala to train and minister to the staff and children of the children’s home called Shadow of His Wings. You can learn more about them on their web site at www.shadowofhiswingsorphanage.org. I can tell you that the children who live there have been abused in every way from severe neglect to sex trafficking and child prostitution. Our trip is taking place from June 20-26th. Darla France and Bobbie Mohler will be leading our signature conference called “When The Pain Is Too Deep” to assist those who have been traumatized and who work with those in trauma. Linda Ozier and Sandy Prater Hatcher will be working with girls, 6-12 and age 13-18 to teach them the basic truths of the adult conference, only with a lot more fun! Carol Wieland will be working one¬¬¬ on one with adults and children in counseling and prayer ministry. Jeff France and Gary Mohler are also traveling with us on the team to do ministry in the way of painting and maintenance needs on the compound. We are only asking for help to fund the paid staff of LifeTouch. Our needed amount would be $900 each, or a total of $3,600.00.

Please earmark your gift to the source(s) you want it to apply to. Gifts may be sent via land mail to 1901 Mariners Drive, Warsaw IN 46582 or by using pay pal on our web site. All gifts are tax deductable. Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration in this work. We believe the significance is both multiplied and eternal.


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