Renewable Energy

Those in covenant with the Almighty God are authorized to enforce His love in every setting. Over time, it brings great joy (and often surprise) to see how He aligns and relates your circumstances together in ways that manifest His redemptive love. Christians who know Truth are the real influencers; they are not moved by hard situations but rather wait and watch for God to move the situation with His Word.

Anytime you realize you are under the influence of wrong authority, consider the energy it takes to “man-handle” the challenge. Attempts to put things back in order using in your own mental and emotional strength basically forfeits the spiritual route God wants.

Besides, since God-given authority is lived out by faith, your own faith builds with every word that you speak from that faith. The subsequent release of power, embedded in every Word of God, renews you personally as you obey God’s leading. Faith interrupts cycles of stress and anxiety associated with living in a toxic environment. Your faith joined to God’s authority puts emphasis on God’s strength, not yours.

Step up. Determine not to keep yielding to contrary voices. Stand tall. Speak clearly. Your faith-filled words mean renewed personal strength and energized faith! Even though you may not see it right away, you are influencing the situations where God has assigned you.


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