I lead a Bible study every Tuesday with a small group of wonderful ladies. We go through life together and have read some great books, gone through Scriptures together, and in general just walk through this thing called life. Weather it is up or down, we try to encourage each other to stay in the Word, and seek God’s perspective.

Right now we have the pleasure of going through the book called “So Long Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us” by Beth Moore. If you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend it. One thing that I was reminded of today as I was going through the first few chapters is how our God is described as our “rock” for a reason.

As a female, well as a human really, I tend to be pretty up and down. On a scale of zero to feeler, I’m way past feeler! Just ask those who are closest to me. It’s just in my blood perhaps. 🙂 But it isn’t always easy being a feeler. This sometimes lends me to see life through unsteady lenses. Whatever I wake up feeling that morning can very easily send me throughout the course of my day feeling that exact thing in every arena of my life.

But what I’m learning is that God is so incredibly steady. He is not swayed or taken by surprise by His emotions, nor does He go up and down like us. He is an anchor to our souls. So on the days, weeks, or months, when I don’t feel near to Him, or feel a certain emotion, He is still there. Ever present. Never changing. Anchored to my soul and heart. No matter what my flesh is screaming at me to feel. My perspective comes from my Rock. That is security that I long for.


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