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LifeTouch Ministries, Inc offers many seminars and workshops for you to learn a hands on approach to promote emotional and spiritual healing, relational effectiveness, personal growth, and maturity.  Whether you are planning a whole community outreach, setting up a one day event or developing a weekend retreat for women, LifeTouch offers an in-depth learning experience that produces real results and skills you’ll use over and over again.

We have designed several programs to teach people how to help themselves or help others.  Each workshop or seminar has been carefully planned to offer a unique, practical balance of fun activities and instruction in many areas.  LifeTouch offers a wonderful selection of programs for just about everyone.

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Available Seminars & Workshops

Unstuck! Helping people return to JOY

LifeTouch Signature Conference 

The world is a fracturing place.  Sometimes we feel stuck in overwhelming emotions and cannot find our way out.  Yet within each of us is a God-given drive to withstand life’s assaults and live in Joy.

Created for the lay person, professional, or the one who feels “stuck” in distress or a distressing situation, this conference is a cross-cultural and cross-denominational message of hope for all those who have been wounded by living in this world. Information for this workshop includes but is not limited to:

  • What is Biblical joy and how does it play a part in getting us “un-stuck” from where we are? How is joy different from happiness?
  • How do we get “stuck” in life’s circumstances?
  • How do we get “stuck” in our emotions?
  • What are universal emotions that we experience and how do they affect our lives?
  • How do we get “un-stuck” from situations and past and current pain?
  • Principles of believing lies versus truth in our lives.
  • How do we know we are believing a lie and how do we eradicate it?
  • How do we behave what we believe and what principles are involved in Biblical thinking?

When the Pain is Too Deep

This workshop is a powerful tool for equipping those who minister to people with deep emotional pain. Attendees will learn the four elements needed to return to our created and intended joy state.

A Place to Belong: Why is Belonging to God and others so important? What is the emotional pain of someone who does not feel they belong?

A Place to Give and Receive Life: Defining what it means to give and receive in life giving relationships. Why is giving and receiving in balance so important in recovery and in life? What is the emotional pain of someone who cannot give and receive in balance?

A Place to Recover from Trauma:  Defining the different types of trauma, and the way it affects our body, soul, and spirit.

  • Defining the four major emotions we experience and what happens if we get stuck in one of them.
  • Memory: What is memory and how does our brain remember events? How do we deal with painful memories from our past?  What is the emotional pain of someone who has experienced trauma?
  • A Place to Strive for Maturity:  Maturity requires a secure bond between two people. What does it mean to be bonded in fear to another person vs. bonded in love? What is the emotional pain of someone who cannot reach maturity?

When the Pain is Too Deep – For Children

Helping the Traumatized Child and Those Who Assist Them

Advocacy for children is an important mission whether your role is to protect, guide or provide therapy for children who have been traumatized.  This workshop will help you understand how traumatic experiences affect children and what caregivers can do to foster the healing process from trauma.  Training will include the topic of when children verbally, physically and/or sexually abuse other children. These children are at high risk to be placed in foster homes and with other children. Their behaviors are manifested through coercion, force, intimidation and secrecy.

Shadow of His Wings

A Workshop on Spiritual Warfare

Learning how Satan operates, and becoming fixated on him, are two very different things. This conference contains balanced, Biblical perspectives on Satan, the lies (deceptions) he uses to put and keep mankind in bondage, and on the finished work of the Cross of Jesus Christ, the Christian’s defense against and freedom from Satan’s lies. This workshop is for individuals, couples, parents and those in ministry.

Personal Growth Workshops

A Sheep’s View of Psalm 23

Looking at Psalm 23 through the eyes of a sheep will reassure you of the tender and very intentional ways the Lord provides for us.  Learn why God chose to compare human-kind to the lowly sheep and see how His sheep are in absolute need of a Good Shepherd.  In this multi-session workshop, you will learn that Jesus, your Good Shepherd, is the source of: Perfect Paths of Peace; Perfect Paths of Righteousness; Perfect Paths of Comfort; Perfect Paths of Power; Perfect Paths of Goodness.

In the Potter’s Hand

The Heavenly Potter has lovingly and intentionally chosen you as His beautiful and purposeful work of art. Discover how from the first “lump” to final glaze, The Potter has used His strong but tender hands to mold your life for His glory. This multi-session workshop is designed to bring encouragement and hope even in the fiery process of spiritual maturity.  Learn how steps for creating pottery relate to the way The Potter molds and shapes us.

Who We Are In Christ

We all have received messages that have shaped who we are today. Many times these messages are destructive and contrary to what God says and thinks about us.  Mark 12:30-31:  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

The Message describes verse 31 as: “Love others as well as you love yourself.” God wants us to believe what He says about us, not the lies we have been told by others, and believed about ourselves . He wants us to love ourselves so we can be more effective in our love and service to others.

Time To Teach

This workshop introduces a set of strategies that help reduce low-level misbehaviors by as much as 70-80 percent.  Once these low-level interruptions are corrected, a teacher can once again have more time to teach! Give us one day, and we will give you proven strategies to increase student scores, expand parental support, and improve teacher job satisfaction – all while significantly reducing classroom disruptions!

Additional Workshops:

  • Time to Teach
  • Trauma-Informed Care

What people say about our conferences:

“Content extremely pertinent and the examples used made the teachings clear. (The conference was) absolutely fantastic…very very well laid out in progression. Able to be taken and applied—solid balance of tough material and lighter (material) no small feat!!!”Joanne Simpson, M. Ed. Executive Director/ Co-Founder of Shadow of His Wings Orphanage

“For the first time I could identify what has transpired in me to get from fear, sorrow, anger and even guilt to joy… true joy. I knew the Holy Spirit was at work. But now I can see the outline of the journey I followed without even realizing it. That in itself gave me much joy! My ministry has gone up a notch, gained more depth and added richness because of the truths and facts now I can apply as I minister to women across the country. Your vulnerable, sweet spirit gripped our hearts and opened doors for us also to be open with our feelings, perceptions and beliefs. It gave us the courage to discard blatant and subtle misconceptions.

Janet Perez Eckles, Christian Speaker and Author

“[Darla’s] powerful message of hope stirred our hearts to bring help to women in Nigeria. Darla ministered to about 200 women and trained 70 of them to counsel others whose hearts groan under the heavy burdens of private distress. …Since the training, some women have come out of their closets to talk about [their emotional pain].”

Bridget Massaquoi, Campus Crusade International, Centre for Theological Studies, Lagos Nigeria

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