‘Speedy’ Delivery.

So, people tell me that I have a “led” foot. I guess I’d have to agree with them, and I can say with honesty that I can’t deny ever getting a speeding ticket before. As the years have passed, so has my tendency to speed. But I’m not a slow driver by all means. Until, a cop is behind me that is.

You know that feeling when your driving, and a cop pulls behind you? Your heart sinks. Even if you weren’t necessarily speeding. There is that initial fear of “what did I do,” or “ I have to drive the exact speed limit now.” But shouldn’t we be doing that at all times? Just because a cop is behind me, that shouldn’t change my behaviors, because I should be following the law anyways.

This is how I view my walk with my Heavenly Father. Sometimes it is easy to live as though we are going just a tad over the speed limit, by just barely messing up, but getting away with it. Until the “cop” is behind us. I have a feeling if Christ were to be following us in our cars, or sitting with us in our rooms as we work, socialize, or gather with our families that we would act just a little bit differently. We probably wouldn’t say half of the things that we do, or act on our thoughts as quickly.

We should be living as though “the cop car is always behind us.” We should be acting as though Christ is in our cars, our work places, our houses, and our socializations. I challenge you this week to stop and think about weather or not you are living as though Christ is physically with you throughout your day. Does this change some habbits of yours? It probably does, and should.


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