From Strength to Strength

“Blessed is the man whose strength is in You,

They go from strength to strength;

Each one appears before God in Zion. (Psalm 84:5,7)


The sense I get from these scriptures is that of strength being released-strength, and then more strength. What is faced today appears before the Lord…in response, His strength flows to us to reveal wisdom, integrity and patience. It flows to and through us to reveal all we need to accomplish the tasks of living. One day at a time. The power of God in our lives is increasing as we pray for faith to see God’s will accomplished and increased.

Early in the morning we are strengthened for the day; He speaks to us so He can speak through us. His hand moves on our behalf consistent with the peace He gives us during our special time with Him. All day long we are strengthened-from strength to strength! We are conscience of His presence…of His love and strength flowing through us. A flow of wisdom results, to build the kingdom and change what might otherwise have been missed or lost.

Count on the Lord today for His strength to move through you for all that you must face today. You will find that you go from strength to strength even if you cannot feel it. When you prepare for sleep tonight you will know that God indeed kept His promise to you.


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