Take a Walk


To finalize the series on the covenant, let’s read about the last and final step that we will be talking about.

Step five in the ceremony was actually called “The walk of death.” Its purpose was to walk through the blood of the animals mentioned in earlier steps. Its symbol was the loss of individual identity-effectively, the surrendering of one’s life.

This of course has its counterpart in Jesus Christ in the New Testament as He made his walk of death to the cross where He died for our sins. Jesus became a human being. He could have remained a heavenly being but chose not to keep that identity.

“Because Christ could not make full atonement for sin without absorbing its full consequences in His own person and being, no human being can ever suffer a pain, sorrow, heartache or disappointment that Christ has not already experienced in his own person.” Paul E. Billheimer

Jesus humanity gave Him legal standing to be on earth (as it was created for human beings.) Many believers don’t understand the nature of Jesus. We can’t grasp the fact that He was not only fully God but fully human. He had to be in order to break the power of sin entering the world.

Now why would the Son of God absorb suffering? If God’s purpose in saving any individual from sin was to get us to heaven, He would probably have taken the human race there immediately. But God had more in mind when He sent Jesus to walk through this covenant for us. Because WHATEVER God does, anywhere in His infinite universe, is not merely to show His great power or for the sake of the entire angelic host to watch. It is done for the sake of His family…members of His own household. He also does it for those whom He longs for us to become a part of His eternal household.

When God the Father asked Jesus to take the covenant walk of death to the cross, it was not for the sake of the inhabitants of the unseen world my friends. It was for us. Human beings made in His image and likeness who will one day spend forever with Him.

When you and I begin to realize, even faintly, who He is, and that by accepting what Christ did to pay for our sins, we will see that we are royalty. All of our life is lived out here on earth with Christ to recognize that our real lives have been spared. Our real identity is in our position, not our performance. Only faith in what we cannot see is our lifeline.

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