There He Is

Recently our daughter and son-in-law left their 7 month old son Ezekiel with my husband and I to babysit while they went out of town for a few days. Of course I could include many pictures but I’ll spare you with the crazy grandparent behavior.

An interesting thing happened. When Ezekiel’s parents excitedly returned home to see him I was holding him as they stood just inside our front door. Our daughter said, “Hi Ezekiel” before she took him in her arms and then her eyes filled with tears. She said, “Oh mom! He doesn’t know who I am!” It was true that the baby presented her with a blank stare. But no more had those words come out of her mouth than a huge smile broke out on his face as she reached for him and cuddled him next to her as close as she could.  I couldn’t help but notice that his daddy’s eyes were moist as well as he looked on and enfolded his wife and son in his arms. It was one of those beautiful moments in life that take your breath for a moment and make your eyes a bit moist as well.

After the fairly new parents were out the door a thought came quickly to my mind. I wondered how often my Father God has the same reaction as my daughter had? How often do I see Him and what He is doing but not recognize Him? How often does He stand by me with disappointment and say, “Oh, she doesn’t know me!”

I had to stop and think that there are probably countless times when He is doing something in my life and He stands right next to me and I don’t recognize Him. I think of the times I have seen Him at work in the lives of my family or friends or in my ministry and I wonder where He is…when all along He is right there. I just don’t know who He is. How painful to the heart of God this must be!

And yet…there are the times when there is that spark of recognition in my soul and a huge inner smile breaks out in me and I can joyfully say, “Oh, It’s Him! It’s my Father! It is the One my lonely heart has been longing for!”

The truth is, unlike my daughter and son-in-law, the Lord never leaves. It is us who forget who He is and what His tender voice sounds like. We forget He is standing there waiting to take us up in strong arms and bring us back home.


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