Through a Child’s Eyes

It’s amazing to me how innocent children are sometimes. I work as an assistant preschool teacher, and it absolutely amazes me how perceptive and brilliant little children were created. Throughout my day it is easy to get frustrated with them sometimes, but what is also amazing is how resilient they are.

I think that Christ had a soft spot for children. I always have enjoyed seeing the paintings and pictures of Him with his arms spread out wide, and children just running into them. Children gave Christ life, and he related children to how adults should act in their faith sometimes. He did this for a reason: Because children love with a reckless abandonment. They don’t know fear like we know fear. They haven’t been tainted.

Sometimes during my day, if I feel like I am at my breaking point with the kids, all it takes is one of them to hold my hand, or say something tender to me, and my heart softens immediately. They don’t hold grudges, I do. They don’t hold onto anger, I do. Yet they teach me how to not take life so seriously sometimes.

One of the strongest analogies is that we are God’s children. Whether we are tainted by this world, or see it through innocent eyes, God has his arms spread out wide for us to just run into and collapse. He loves us so tenderly, and is jealous for our hearts. He laughs when we laugh, and he cries when we cry. So what are you waiting for? Run as fast as you can.


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