Truth Tellers

King David repented to the Lord and acknowledged his sin, and the Lord’s requirement for truth. David understood divine wisdom is always linked to truth so for him, a departure from truth meant a refusal of wisdom, a position we, like David, cannot survive unscathed.

The principle is critical. Anytime we feel entitled to something, believing it is uniquely separate from or not subject to the law of God, or that we can get away with it once or twice and then justify what we’ve done as though hidden from God, the denial is ours alone. The evidence of truth and purity of wisdom prove that God is not in it.

A fool says in his heart there is no God and the foolish heart believes it is not subject to God and so cannot accept godly wisdom but instead refuses obvious truth.

But God’s wisdom is truth. His wisdom is perfectly just. It is greater than sense reasoning, accumulated learning, or mere opinion and comes through the power of the Holy Spirit who directs and empowers us to conform to it.

Teach truth. Tell the truth. Never stop presenting truth.


Romans 12:2, Psalm 51, Isaiah 44:20, Psalm 14:1, Psalm 53:1,


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