Have you ever waited for something that you wanted so bad that it practically hurt inside. Almost as if you could burst if you waited just one more second? I know I have! The feeling of anticipation sometimes feels torturous. As humans, we usually lack patience, and in this day and age, we expect things to happen right now.

Well as the Lord has been laying on my heart lately, and through a sermon I heard on Sunday, sometimes waiting on the Lord, and having faith is the only option. Take King David, for example, from the Bible. As a very young teenage boy, he was selected to be the next king. But that didn’t come into fruition until about 20 years after that promise. That is a long time to wait for such a great promise!

But as you read about David, and the things that happens to him between the time he kills Goliath, to the time he becomes King, it is obvious that God prepared the way for him, and tested his heart and wisdom. Imagine if David would have become King the second it was promised to him! He would of most likely made foolish decisions, and had not been prepared to lead an entire nation.

Sometimes, we have to realize that our lives as Christ followers mean that we may never see the things that God has promised. This may be a harsh blow to some of you; I know it was to me. But God asks us to have faith in Him. This means that we believe that even if we will never see any results, we still know that God is telling the truth, and that he is using us for greater things in the future.

This means that we are to go forward in our lives, and continue to plant seeds and to live by faith. I know that it is instinctual for us to want to see results, and for us to feel as if our hard work paid off in the end. But realizing that we may never receive that feeling before we pass away may cause us to have greater faith, which is worth it in the end. I want to be a seed planter, and to realize that my life may benefit a plan of God’s 400 years from now. Or it may benefit to it tomorrow. I may never know. And I want to be okay with that. This is my prayer.


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