Walking Wounded?

A couple days ago my husband and I were out feeding the various wild creatures which share our property with us. This often includes deer, birds, squirrels, opossums and skunks. On this particular day we were struck by the sight of a beautiful doe that was lying on a hill in the snow. It was an odd time of day for a deer to still be bedded in and it was an unusual choice of location. She was out in the open and not at all protected. She obviously saw us but didn’t get up and run. I decided to walk closer and investigate. As I tried to get closer it was obvious what was going on. She had an injured front leg and every time she tried to get up her good leg slipped on the snow and ice and she fell over. Finally her fear of me gave her the extra energy boost to make it to her feet and hobble away. I’ve seen her before and since at our deer feeder. She’s a true survivor, but for how long? How long before the wounds get the best of her?

How many of you reading this are like this doe? I know I’ve been there…walking around with wounds from past hurts but afraid to let anyone close enough to help. I’ve tried to make it on my own fearful of letting anyone see how vulnerable I was. How about you? Are injuries from past abuse or unkind words or bad personal choices or judgmental people causing you to limp through life and stumble and fall? Does the pain get so bad that at times you just want to lay down right where you are and give up? Are you worried that if you reveal your vulnerability and pain there will be no one who can help anyway or you will get taken advantage of or wounded more? Does it seem too much for even God to handle some days or perhaps you blame Him for the pain in the first place?

We at LifeTouch are here just for you. We’ve known pain and have been given the privilege to help others get through it. God has blessed each of our staff with unique abilities to help hurting people become less burdened and move toward healing. Please reach out to someone. There is hope and healing!


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