What’s the Big Deal About a Covenant?

“Life-changing” is a very strong term. Few things that are reported to be “life-changing” really are. However, learning about the meaning of the Biblical covenant truly can alter your thinking and your life.

So what is the big deal about the Biblical covenant? Why am I telling you that it is so life-changing? If you will go on this journey with me for the next several blog entries, I think you will understand its place, its role in human history, and many things about God will come alive that you might not have ever understood before. It actually can become the epicenter of your relationship with God.

Let’s get started.

What is a Covenant?

The word “covenant” in its Hebrew form is used nearly 300 times in the Bible. It comes from the root word meaning “to cut.” So what is a covenant? In its simplest form, it is an all-encompassing agreement between two parties with clearly outlined parameters and promises. It is a mutual understanding between two parties who bind themselves together with specific obligations to fulfill. SO why am I so excited to tell you about this if it is so simple?

Because it was initiated towards us by God. The most succinct way I know to tell you this is that God looked on Planet earth; He saw destruction and destitution of humanity and it broke His heart. Ancient people in Abraham’s time practiced covenant making ceremonies. They would release their individual identities to merge identity with another person. It was a ceremony they already knew very well and understood. God looked into the human world and intentionally found a tool they were already using to help them understand the intensity of His love to us.

God had to find a human as an entry point. He had to find a person who was capable of hearing from God and obeying Him. Adam and Eve had allowed sin to enter His perfect world and things were going south in a hurry.

Next week, I’ll share more. But let me tell you that in this world of fractured identities and conforming to what others expect or think we should be, this is “life-changing” information.


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