You Have 1 New Message!

Let’s be real here. We are in a culture where text messages, emails, Facebook, and twitter are emerging now more than ever! I remember when cell phones in and of themselves were obsolete, and now everyone has them. So much so, that they have generally replaced land lines.

This also means that to communicate with people, it is getting easier and easier to just “log in” to our Facebook accounts and type to someone, or just shoot someone a text or email really quickly. Although these forms of communicating are not bad in and of themselves, it is starting to replace some very important things: Conversations, how they were meant to be, and the Word of God.

I admit first and foremost that I tend to glean wisdom from “self-help” books, podcasts, my pastor and mentors, and through blogs. But the only way to glean the utmost wisdom is to read straight from God’s word. It is so easy to browse Facebook for 2 hours, rather than to stop, in silence, and pray to the God most high, or crack open his Word. It is also easy to “Google” search everything for answers, instead of asking the wisest King of all. Relationships with my computer or my cell phone seem so much less complicated, and it grants me instant satisfaction.

God also loves to communicate, especially to His children. “The written Word is God’s grand text message to the world,” says author Pam Farrel. Over and over we hear it in Scripture, “thus saith the Lord.” God’s message will never be erased. It lives forever. J


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